Patent application filed!

Very pleased to announce that we have been able to file our first patent application to protect our core technology. This is a huge milestone and has been enabled by various friends of Loom and Power. Interacting with the UK Patent Office is not always straightforward but we are confident we have covered the key aspects of our process.

This will give us the space to further develop our technology and hopefully enable us to address the systemic challenges in the UK wool industry. 

As a reminder we are here to bring wool manufacturing back to the Cotswolds. I am convinced this can only happen with new technology to lower barriers to manufacturing. Right now we are focused on flexible colouration but as we grow, we will expand our scope to incorporate upstream (scouring, spinning) and downstream (weaving, knitting, finishing) processes. 

The UK Patent Office produces a series of fact sheets that simplify the application process.  This is worth having a quick scan if you are thinking of protecting your idea:

uk patent office fact sheet



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