The mighty Herdwick!

The mighty Herdwick!

Found across the Lake District the Herdwick is an extremely hardy breed. It can survive on the highest ground and possesses a distrinctive grey fleece. Unfortunately, the coarseness of Herwick is beyond what is acceptable for apparel.

There is also a high level of kempy fibres, these are the white brittle fibres that are not as strong as normal wool fibre. This has held down the price of Herdwick wool and limited the amount the farmers can earn for their fleeces. 

However, the natural colour presents an opportunity for us to create a statement piece for the home. This will work with the natural properties of the Herdwick fibre, taking advantage of the unique features of this yarn.

We are currently working with spinners and weavers on developing the best possible fabric qualities for our Herdwick blankets. We hope to start weaving in September and will update as we go through the process.

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