The wonders of wool

The wonders of wool

We've been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time around the wool textile industry. We have learnt so much about the business of creating cloth and met so many incredible people in the chain of custody from fleece to fabric.

One of the main lessons is the power of nature in creating a phenomenal fibre. This is why from the outset, we are committed to using British wool in our products. In particular, we want to champion single breed products to demonstrate the design possibilities of using simple ingredients. This will not be cheap, but it will ensure that flying the flag for unique UK grown wools remains at the heart of Loom and Power. 

The advantage of using British wool in our products is that it brings incredible properties not available when using other fibres. British wool has incredible resilience which give our throws and blankets superb durability and ensures they retain their good looks for longer.

Using British wool gives us the knowledge that the fibre has been grown in a carbon efficient, naturally grown and raised in a sustainable manner. 

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