We have been busy gathering samples from UK woollen spinners and approaching weaving mills to create out first product. It is time consuming but we appreciate that choosing the right wool, the right spinner and the best weaving mill is essential if we want to create the highest quality textiles. Next week there will be some mill visits and we can share some visuals of the journey so fat. 

Ultimately, we are on a long term mission to bring wool manufacturing back to the Cotswolds. Working with and learning from experts in the wool heartlands of West Yorkshire and Lancashire can only help us to grow and bring us closer to our goal. 

We have also been testing out different weave design software to evaluate the best solution for us. There is a lot of work in creating woven patterns and we are taking time to find out the ins and outs of various jacquard and dobby weaving programmes. 


Funding news

Over the last few weeks we have also applied for Innovate UK funding to work on and develop some of our ideas for new textiles. We are pleased to have already submitted a proposal to Fast Start: Innovation and are currently preparing one for Design Foundations . We will keep you posted on these as they could lead to very exciting innovations.

 Coffee cup, yarn skein


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